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hey - The Bunny Project
September 21st, 2004
05:21 am


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Hey Michael,

sorry I'm such a confusing jerk sometimes.. I know what I said about the whole morality thing may bug you some.. but if it actually pricks your conscience.. that means you have one, and that's a good thing..

*sigh* sorry about what you said about "you worshipping death".. that was just a very poor joke. I don't think you're sadistic or a baby killer or anything.. and I don't really have as big a problem with you being in the army as I used to.. I'm just more honest about it now.. maybe I shouldn't be? I dont know.

As for you aggravating me... I love you; very much so, infact, and like all the other people in my life I love, all my friends in particular, it worries me when (ha because I'm such a control freak) things are EXACTLY how I think they are.. but, and I do see a contradiction, don't worry.. its far far easier for me to unconditionally love and accept my family, faults and all.. so I'm sorry for giving you a hard time about your brother.. that really was not fair of me..

and yes, I did have a sleepless night worrying about my horridness to you.. but at the end of the day.. or beginning of the day for that matter.. you are worth more as a friend to me than any of those stupid things, and so I do wish you'd forgive me.. and do well on Materials, because of course you can.. haha. Good Luck.. and no, I still haven't finished problem 1 as it should be done.. grrrr...


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